• Pentatonic Glockenspiel

Pentatonic Glockenspiel, has seven tones d’’’-e’’’-g’’’-a’’’-b’’’ -d’’’’-e’’’’ tuned to 440 Hz.

The basic pentatonic glockenspiel is the perfect instrument to introduce music to children. We also recommand it for the babies to help them develop a keen hearing. The pentatonic scale is a scale without halftones so it's practicly impossible to make a bad melody.

You can use it in the kindergarten or at home by playing musical games or storytelling, you can also use it as a bell to bring back the silence in a class room.

Includs two mallets one in wood and one in rubber

The tone bars are protected with a thin bees wax layer that allows you, as it wears of with the time and use,  
to polish them as they gets darker. For this you use any regular metal polish. To avoid stains on the wood,
be careful so that the wood does not get polish residue on it. Protect with paper while polishing.

SIZE:  Length 25.5cm, width 4.5cm, height 4.5cm

WEIGHT: 536g

CONTENT:  Metal, maple wood

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Pentatonic Glockenspiel

  • Brand: Auris
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