LUNA  harp-lyre

A magnificent musical instrument designed and made in Quebec, LUNA is a hybrid creation between the harp and the lyre. Made of Russian cherry wood and assembled with either 8 or 11 metal strings, this dreamy sounding instrument comes with its own tuning key and a nice carrying bag.


LUNA is tuned in C major (5th octave) on LUNA 8 strings: do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-si-do and in G major (4th octave) on LUNA 11 strings, from the dominant : d-mi-fa#-sol-la-si-do-re-mi-fa#-sol.

 LUNA 8 strings : 11.5 inches X 10.75 inches

Metal stand designed by Ël Design (for small and large LUNA).



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LUNA harp-lyre Small

  • Brand: Artisans du Québec
  • Product Code: 8 cordes
  • Availability: Pre-Order - call us for delay
  • 335.00$

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