• Pico the Gnome

One day, Pico the gnome goes for an evening stroll to collect firewood and ingredients for a stew, and falls asleep in the forest. He dreams of a fairy who tells him he will soon have to be brave. Sure enough, as dawn breaks, a giant thunders through the land, frightening all the animals and birds -- but Pico uses quick thinking and kind words to bring about a happy ending.

Generations of children have enjoyed Martina Müller's classic picture book, illustrated in a handcrafted artistic style full of life and colour, and the tale -- which captures the value of bridging differences -- remains as relevant today.

This beautiful gift edition is perfect for young hands.

DIMENSIONS: 23 X 18.5 X 1 cm, 32pages
AUTHOR: Martina Müller
EDITIONS:  Floris Books

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Pico the Gnome

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