• Making More Flower Children

Bien qu'en Anglais, ce livre avec ses illustrations et ses patrons est facile à utiliser.

Flower children are a fun craft activity which can be made from a range of easy-to-find materials, such as wool, felt and cotton. This book contains all the patterns and instructions you will need to make your own flower children, including strawberries, shamrocks, mistletoe and daisies, and is clearly illustrated with diagrams and photographs. It is a sequel to the ever-popular Making Flower Children, offering an entirely new set of flower children to make.

The figures are arranged by season so they can be made according to the time of year, and are ideal for decorating a seasonal table.

DIMENSIONS: 21 X 23 X 1 cm,88 pages

AUTEUR: Sybille Adolphi

ÉDITIONS: Floris books

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Making More Flower Children

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