• Devilstick

This Devilstick is extremely popular due to its well balanced and slow performance speed. Tricks are easy and satisfying to perform. The HB Devilstick is very responsive for any type of advanced trick as well. Made from beautiful and strong Canadian maple.

The center of the devilstick is decorated 1.5" of mylar glitter foil and the rest of of the stick is smartly decorated with semi sticky and colorful fabric tape. The tassles of these devilsticks are constructed from heavyweight neoprene rubber making them evenly weighted and balanced for precise Spinning.  

The central flowerstick or devilstick is 28 inches which is a length preferred by most. Short enough for all advanced moves and long enough for stage performance. These are a great value and come supplied with a pair 18 inch rubber handsticks. These are the same Devilsticks sold at many Cirque du Soleil shows. Colors will vary

Devilstiick length 28 inches
Handstick length 18 inches

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