• Doll cradle

Handmade in Quebec, Canada.

Frog Made from local wood - Basswood

Treated with toy certified, ecological and biodegradable oil.


Dimension: h11 '' x w12 '' x18 '' 

Weight:  3,5lbs /  1,6kg

Antique style Doll cradle

With our wooden doll cradle, your children will add a unique touch to the life of their dolls by rocking them as a parent would do.

Even when humans were living of nomadism and found shelter inside grottos, they drew representations of themselves on the rocky surfaces. It is therefore not surprising to notice that the making of dolls has appeared quite early in History. Indeed, dolls have been found in Ancient Egyptian tombs and are still used widely today. A doll was an accessible toy : rich children could have one made out of prized fabrics while poor children could make one out of straw and wood. Today, dolls are mostly made out of plastic and are still an important part of the childhood of young girls and boys. As of doll cradles, they are an accessory to add to the game and were already used centuries ago.

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Doll cradle

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