A ring to play, soothe baby's teething gums and discover the shapes and textures.


The teething and discovery ring is made of birch, a hard wood, so there is no possibility of splinters. The wood is protected by a finish made of non-toxic natural oil and pure beeswax, without solvent.

The child who spontaneously puts the teething ring in his mouth does not do so simply because he is hungry or wants to soothe his gums, but also because he is interested in the object. When something interests us, we put it, invisibly, "inside" us to think about it. Similarly, the child interested in the ring puts it in his mouth and ponders about it.

With the mouth, he explores the form's different qualities: its thickness, width, density, texture, regularity (the inside of the ring is a perfect circle while the exterior is irregular and has angles). For this reason, the artisan gives the ring this variety of shapes.


Our rings are handcrafted by an artisan of the Montreal area. Carefully sanded, they are super smooth and a pleasure to touch. Each teething and discovery ring is created anew, making it a unique piece.


Idea: we suggest to hang the ring on our baby with a long hat. The doll, with its wool filling and soft flannel fabric, completes the ring by its softness and warmth. It also makes the ring easier to find! The baby and its ring makes an original birth gift that will be appreciated by all parents.

Recommended age: 3 months and over

Care: The wood has antimicrobial properties. You can clean the ring under the tap, using a mild soap if desired. Dry immediately with a clean cloth. You can also protect the ring if needed with a little olive oil or a natural wood wax.


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Teething and discovery ring

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